Registration is now open for 1-1 math tuition & group math tuition for Sec 3/4 (E/A) and JC (H1 math/H2 math)

Group Math Tuition

The lesson begins with a topical outline specially designed by me to be highly condensed yet perfectly comprehensive.

Developed through my years of experience and extensively field-tested by our students, these powerfully concise, all-inclusive

topical summaries serve as the primary basis of instruction in our classes.

Students will then be guided through practice worksheets designed to illustrate and reinforce key concepts and their applications.
These worksheets play a complementary and vital role in orienting students to the focus and expectations of exams as well as

developed simple yet effective problem-solving techniques to help students through the process of answering questions.


I will also help students to explain or workout mathematics questions should they encounter in schools in

the last half hour of the class lesson. 


There will be a free extension of tuition hours near exam period.



Sec $ 190 for 4 lessons
JC $ 250 for 4 lessons

Max Class Size: 5


1-1 Math tuition

As a home tutor, I make it a point to customize my lessons to the individual student’s needs. As such, my teaching style varies

from student to student. With more talented and highly motivated students, I would constantly challenge him/her by giving

increasingly difficult/ thought-provoking questions, while dropping only small hints along the way.


With students having a lower aptitude for the subject, I would constantly demonstrate the link between new concepts and what they

they already know, so as to build their confidence.

I teach with the belief that given the right learning method and attitude, every single student has the ability to do well.

I believe I have proven this with my track record and personal academic journey.


Sec $ 80 per hour
JC $ 100 per hour



Contact Me Now! 81020992


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Schedule  (weekends)

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Venue: West: Jurong East Central. Blk 145 Teck Whye 

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