James Collins (Asia) is a regional publisher that publishes educational books in both print and digital formats. Our specialty lies in the discipline of mathematics and we offer an extensive range of publications for all stages of learning, ranging from Primary School level to GCE A Levels. We publish both textbooks as well as assessment books. We are currently based in Singapore, and our international network extends overseas to countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong and UK.


All of our books are painstakingly and meticulously crafted to empower our learners with academic control and freedom so they can take charge of their learning pace to best suit their learning style. Our books are well suited to be used as reference guides in complimenting school courses, but more so, they are competent self-learn textbooks that can guide our learners through entire syllabuses on their own. They incorporate detailed and illustrated examples, while maintaining conciseness, providing students with the right balance to excel in the examinations.


With such holistic coverage, our learners can pursue their academic goals with the peace of mind that nothing is left out.


We greatly appreciate your interest in our publications, and it is our pleasure that you peruse our handpicked selection. And if you would like to collaborate with us, order from us, or just simply like to know more, we want to hear from you !


Contact us at info@jamescollins.com.sg, no message will go unheard.


We look forward to pioneering new educational frontiers with you.